Greifswald – the Fairtrade Town nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2021

The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald has acquired the official title of the Fairtrade Town as of January 2020...

In 2018 the city council of Greifswald decided to join the Fairtrade Town campaign. We achieved this goal in 2020. Several criteria must be fulfilled in order to officially be a Fairtrade Town, and here are the steps taken in Greifswald:

  • The municipality adopted a council resolution to support fair trade.
  • A steering group was set up to coordinate activities on the way to become a Fairtrade Town as well as to coordinate all activities as a Fairtrade Town.
  • At least two fair trade products must be offered in local retail stores and florists as well as in cafes and restaurants (the number of fair trade products depends on the number of inhabitants).
  • Public institutions such as schools, associations and church / religious communities implement informational and educational activities on fair trade and offer fair trade products.
  • Public relations work on all fair trade activities in the city.

The global responsibility is an important topic for Greifswald that we are happy to address. A first campaign of our mayor was to donate fairly traded balls, together with our sport association, to various sport clubs in the city. In general, we aim to bring every athlete into contact with the topic of fair trade. Fair traded sportswear is an important topic on the agenda for next year.

Greifswald ball with Fairtrade Town logo.

Greifswald ball with Fairtrade Town logo


... and was nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2021!

Greifswald has been one out of four nominated cities in its city size category. In the end, we didn't win the award, but we are proud to be one of the nominated cities: this makes us one of the most sustainable cities in Germany. Below you will find the brief statement of the jury for the nomination.

"The University and Hanseatic city of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania sees itself as an innovative regional and cultural centre and strives for the best possible quality of life and health for its citizens while at the same time protecting the environment and the climate.

Numerous actors from politics, administration, science, business and civil society are involved in the local climate protection alliance of the “Master Plan Municipality 100% Climate Protection”. A biodiversity-promoting and climate-friendly green space development expresses itself among other things in the renaturation of the Ketscherin river and the sustainable use of peatland. With one of the highest proportions of cycling in Germany, the “secret Bicycle Capital“ attaches great importance to sustainable mobility development. Municipal buildings have been built in accordance with the criteria of the German Sustainable Building Council since 2012. The model project is the primary school Käthe Kollwitz, certified according to the DGNB Gold Standard. Furthermore was the house for culture and initiatives “STRAZE” restored equally with social and ecological aspects.

With formats like “Intercultural Week” or “International Day against Racism” Greifswald is a city where committed people live and organize events for a cosmopolitan society."


Stephan Braun
City of Greifswald, Environmental Department

Camille Marie Damm
Fairtrade Town initiative Greifswald