ECCENTRIC brings the “hot topics” of sustainable mobility to your desk!

The project launched a series of exciting topic webinars and will continue with it until the autumn.

We started with the topics of Addressing vulnerable groups and gender issues in SUMP and Inclusion of peripheral neighbourhoods in SUMP already last year and continued with “Mobility stations for flexible and sustainable urban transport – the car-free lifestyle” in March,  where the city of Munich shared their experiences and lessons learned on drivers and barriers for mobility stations to facilitate a lifestyle without owning an own car.

Coming up next is a session on the electrification of municipal and private electric fleets, featuring the cities of Stockholm and Turku on May 27th 2020, you don't want to miss this!

Other topics planned for the summer and autumn this year will cover sustainable freight and logistics as well as Mobility as a Service and will share the experiences and learnings from the 5 ECCENTRIC cities.

Please follow our website for all upcoming dates and events and we definitely recommend our ECCENTRIC Youtube channel for all webinar recordings and other interesting video material!

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