ECCENTRIC Thematic Webinar 7: Addressing peripheral neighbourhoods in sustainable urban mobility planning. Lessons Learned from the ECCENTRIC project

Thursday, November 26, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:30

As European cities grow, their peripheral neighbourhoods today show a high demand for mobility, for example from daily commuters travelling into city centers. However, these neighbourhoods at the outskirts of urban centres have remained largely unaddressed in terms of dealing with this growing demand for passenger and freight traffic. Suburban areas hence face challenges of:

  • Becoming sufficiently appealing for daily chores and activities to avoid an unnecessary traffic flow towards the city centre;
  • Providing sustainable and high-quality mobility options to enable and encourage car independent lifestyles; and
  • Planning the urban future according to carbon neutral mobility principles.

This webinar will address these questions by presenting lessons learned from the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project. In ECCENTRIC, 5 cities have designed and implemented sustainable urban mobility measures that address the specific challenges of sustainable suburban mobility in growing urban areas.


10.00  - Introduction, Paula Land, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability.  

10.10 - Setting the scene: Current challenges and potential solutions to achieving sustainable urban mobility in peripheral neighbourhoods, Carlos Verdaguer, GEA 21.

10.30 - How the City of Munich addressed sustainable mobility in new, peripheral residential neighbourhoods: experiences and lessons learned. Stefan Synek, City of Munich.

10.50 - The City of Madrid: sustainable mobility options improve the quality of life in high density peripheral neighbourhoods. Angel Aparicio, City of Madrid

11.10 - Q&A and final discussion

11.20 - End