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Join Sustainable Mobility Webinar!

Are you interested to learn what kind of sustainable mobility tools, projects and cooperation opportunities we have to offer to UBC member cities?

Join Sustainable Mobility Webinar on 5 December 2017 at 10:00 (Central European Time). The Webinar will last about one and half hours and will introduce different possibilities and tools for the cities to start planning for their sustainable mobility options. 

CH4LLENGE project tackles the key challenges of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

The challenges that cities and communities face in the search for sustainability and better quality of life are increasingly significant. Cities of different sizes have a crucial role in contributing to EU 2020 targets aiming to improve the efficiency of energy use and to cut down CO2 emissions.  Urban transport is a major source of energy consumption and green house gas emissions and can thus make a big contribution to meet these goals, but also to ensure the attractiveness of our cities.

100 participants to discuss sustainable transport in UBC Joint Commission meeting in Tallinn 10-12 April 2013

Several topics were embraced and questioned at the Joint Commission meeting in Tallinn including, optimizing cycling, public transport and maritime under the overall theme of sustainable transport in the Baltic Sea Region.

The great variety of planning tradition from the region was on display in Tallinn, where it was made clear that there is not only on, but several, ways to succeed in planning for sustainable transport.