Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation


BSR WATER brings together partners representing diverse projects that have generated through transnational cooperation many replicable as well as unique outputs, covering broad variety of water-related issues (smart nutrient management and sludge handling, storm water management, domestic and industrial waste water treatment, manure management and energy efficiency). In such setting, collecting good practices, solutions, tools and expertise enables expansion beyond the subject of a single project or country and provides better reach to the source and availability of the experts that have been first hand involved in piloting, developing and testing solutions applicable in the whole Baltic Sea Region.

Moreover, platform facilitates development of policy recommendations based on the common experiences of participating projects, which has great transnational value, as such recommendations will be coherent and unified in their approach and based on sound practical results of cross-border cooperation work. This in turns enables the long-term development of aligned marco-regional and national environmental policies further promoting implementation of advanced water protection measures resulting in clean and resilient Baltic Sea Region.

The goal of the core partnership is to bring together organisations with strong content expertise in water related issues that have it in their interest to benefit from intensified cross-sectoral and macro-regional cooperation in the field. This includes following organisations:


As a project platform, BSR WATER involves a variety of water-related projects: Interactive Water Management (IWAMA), Advanced manure standards for sustainable nutrient management and reduced emissions (ManureStandards), Water emissions and their reduction in village communities (VillageWaters), Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment (BEST), Integrated Storm Water Management (iWater), Reviving Baltic Resilience (RBR), Climate Proof Living Environment (CliPLivE) funded from Interreg BSR, Interreg Central Baltic and South Baltic Programmes, and South East Finland-Russia ENPI.


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The platform project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014–2020, with the financial support of the Russian Federation.


  • Collect and synthesise good practices, solutions and expertise on water management

Recent water-related projects around the Baltic Sea Region have been developing, testing and piloting many good practices and solutions, which could benefit the region, but stakeholders looking to access and utilize these solutions often require a better managed and harmonized way of reaching them. BSR WATER aims to gather and publish these project outputs in a form of developed tools, tested good practices and technical solutions.

  • Reach out and engage users into the platform cooperation

Synthesized good practices, solutions and expertise will be promoted further in the region.

  • Facilitate the regional policy dialog on sustainable water management

The regional dialog on promotion of sustainable solutions in waste- and storm water management will be facilitated to enhance utilization of nutrients and other valuable components contained by wastewater and sludge, contributing to prevention of the contaminants release into environment.

Bringing together knowledge and innovation potential on the transnational basis


The project aims to enhance continuous cross-sectoral cooperation in smart water management providing a possibility for transnational experience exchange, sharing of good practices and solutions, as well as delivering comprehensive overview of the current and future policy contexts and their impacts in the BSR countries.

2018 to 2021
Active project



Funding programs

BSR INTERREG Programme 2014-2020


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