Get involved!

As you know, a lot is happening at the moment and it´s possible for our member cities to still get involved in certain projects!

The “Circular Economy in the BSR” project is still under development and we are happy to receive your ideas and feedback on the plan so far, please contact Björn Grönholm for more info!

Together with other European city networks ( EUROCITIES; ICLEI; POLIS) and other partners we submit the proposal “SUMPs UP” in October! The project aims at mainstreaming and enhancing the take up of SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) in Europe, especially in countries where the uptake is still low. Existing tools and methods will be reviewed and tested and UBC will be responsible for exactly the capacity building activities. If the project is successful we will be also able to organize capacity development events within sustainable mobility in our region.

If your city is interested in starting with a SUMP process or already is in the middle of it and faces crtain challenges, you might be interested to express your interest in this project with a “letter of interest”.

If you are interested and/or want to get more information, please contact Esther Kreutz