Ocean Literacy in Coastal Cities Conference

Welcome to the Ocean Literacy in Coastal Cities Conference 6-7 December 2018 in Malmö. The aim is to inspire, learn, debate and drive action at a local level for the marine environment with focus on ocean literacy in coastal cities. Meet representatives from UNESCO in Venice, OCEAN SCHOOL in Canada, the Swedish Government and many more to take part in the important discussions on Ocean Literacy.

Baltic Sea Region SUMP workshop in Tampere

Do you want to learn more about Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning?

Join the Baltic Sea Region Workshop on SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) organized by the European SUMPs-Up project in cooperation with the City of Tampere, MAL network and UBC Sustainable Cities Commission on 15 March 2018. The workshop facilitates discussion and exchange of experiences on different challenges and solutions within the field of sustainable urban mobility planning. The event is targeted to experts and planners in local administrations and organization working with mobility issues in the Baltic Sea Region area.

Webinar "Starting up the SUMP process - Tools for SUMP"

Are you a mobility practitioner, working in a city administration, an NGO, a company or at a research institution? Are you interested in sustainable urban mobility planning or already experienced with Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)? In any case, this is for you: 

The SUMPs-Up project supports the take-up of SUMPs in European countries by offering a wide variety of learning opportunities for local authorities considering or already working with SUMPs.