News from UBC SCC Advisory Board

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission had the first Advisory board meeting in Gdansk 16–17 March. Ten members of advisory board came together to decide and discuss how our Commission will implement the UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2016 – 2021 and how the advisory board will work in the upcoming years.

The board discussed in detail the challenges of cities in becoming free of fossil fuels. Cities Manager Juliette Daniels was invited present the CDP climate reporting system and its latest global report. The CDP runs the world’s largest climate change reporting system, with more than 5 500 companies, 300 cities, and 60 states and regions reporting data annually. Several of our cities are already reporting to the CDP but the Advisory Board decided to promote the CDP Cities 2016 Information Request with our e-bulletin and also assist cities if they need support with reporting. See further information in another article of this newsletter and here.

The next advisory board meeting will take place 8–9 September in Lahti.