News from the CIVITAS DYN@MO project!

In the CIVITAS DYN@MO project there were two highlights celebrated recently: with the launch of two electric mini-buses the City of Koprivnica is proud to be the first city in Croatia with zero CO2 public transport. It can be even prouder as the city didn’t have any public transportation yet at the start of DYN@MO and now it's planned that the usage of electric buses will be integrated into the regional public transport scheme. In addition, the City council of Koprivnica unanimously approved the city's first Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The SUMP was developed during an intensive process with different stakeholders, including public participation and through cooperation among all municipal departments.
Also the other three partner cities are booking successes. The MobilnaGdynia platform is being actively used (98,000 times by 28,000 users) for communicating with the citizens and gathering their opinions on different mobility measures, including DYN@MO activities. In Aachen and Palma the development of the Mobility 2.0 platforms continues. The platforms integrate information on real-time-traffic, bike sharing, car sharing and public transport. During the next CIVITAS DYN@MO Summer University that will be held in Palma in November 2015 Developing “Mobility 2.0” systems and services will be the main topic.