Circular Economy in the Baltic Sea Region

On the request of the City of Malmö the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission  together with several UBC cities is developing a concept of “Circular Economy in the Baltic Sea region”. City of Malmö has received some funding for planning a large scale project application. The work started during the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission meeting 3 – 4 June in Turku and will continue during the autumn 2015 with consultation and a working meeting during the UBC General Conference  27 – 30 October in Gdynia Poland.

A long list of focus areas and ideas have been identified and elaborated and for the moment the commonly agreed focus is on:

  • Reuse and sharing of services, buildings, goods and material in city organizations
  • Mobility service – car pools, rental systems for bikes

The intentions so far are to work with a “Model development of City planning and circular economy”. The model should include concepts of industrial symbiosis - resource wise strategies. As an example the Norra Hamnen Model can work for further development. The project should also pay attention to procurement practice in city organizations as well as communication and information to inhabitants.

Call for interest! If your city is interested, please contact Björn Grönholm!