Tamarinden is located in Sörbyängen, an expansive area in southern Örebro, just over two kilometers south of the city center. As the area develops, the focus will be on the life between the houses and smart solutions.

Strong focus on Smart and Sustainable solutions

In the last few decades, the residential areas of Sörbyängen, Ladugårdsängen and Södra Ladugårdsängen have emerged on the former airfield. With Tamarinden, a development is now beginning eastwards with about 600 housing units where Örebro Municipality has set its sights on enabling a sustainable and smart district characterized by innovation, greenery and activity.

Tamarinden will not be a traditional district. Together with Öbo and E.on the municipality have ambitions to create a district where the buildings will reduce, produce and share energy in a way that has never been done before. Instead of using energy from fossil fuels, our own locally produced energy is encouraged so that the district can become almost self-sufficient.

The life between the houses

Through the area, Tamarindvägen, which serves as an urban street and living room, is paved. Here the car is allowed to stand aside in favor of human stay and movement, which becomes possible when car parking is solved at the outer edges of the area. The boundaries between street, building, farm environment and park are wiped out, which encourages new ways of staying and meeting.

Close to town and nature

Tamarinden has one foot in the city with proximity to destinations such as the university, a large grocery store and public service which facilitates the everyday puzzle. There is also access to public transport and a well-developed pedestrian and bicycle network for easy access to the city center and nearby workplaces. The other foot is located in the scenic surroundings in the south where the golf course, Sörbybacken and Reträttens nature reserve are spreading. Tamarinden is thus located in the border country where the pulse of the city meets the recreational landscape.