SmartENCity Network invites city leaders to join efforts!

Dear City Leader,

The EU SmartEnCity Network has been created by five European cities to enable cities, on a non-profit basis, to learn from each other and the SmartEnCity project - and become European Smart City Frontrunners. Our focus is small and medium sized cities, as you don’t need to be a Capital City to become a city frontrunner. We assume your city is ambitious and already have filed a SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) to the EU Covenant of Mayors - and aim at growing quality of life, green employment, city economics, citizen participation based on a green planning and mindset.

The SmartEnCity Network will provide network, real life cases, inspiration and tools – to speed up your learning and transition process. Learn more about our Network and sign up here:

 *   On 22. February 2017 we invite you to join the SmartEnCity Network meeting in Lecce, Italy. Learn more about this event and how to participate here:

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