New era of SUMPs: The 2nd edition of SUMP guidelines has been published!

Who would have thought six years ago, that today cities vividly discuss at conferences how to deal with e-scooters flooding city centers? In 2013 MaaS was just emerging and the (mobility) world looked differently – politically as well as in terms of technological innovations. So, it was time to look at the SUMP guidelines, that have been used and implemented successfully in the past years, take the experiences from the cities as well as numerous EU-funded projects on SUMP and their outcomes, consult with over 200 stakeholders – and create a 2nd edition of the SUMP guidelines!

The comprehensive process to update, re-design and illustrate the guidelines with new practical examples took over one year before the final version was published at this year´s CIVITAS Forum in Graz, Austria. Additionally, to the SUMP guidelines, 13 topic guides and 5 practitioner briefings have been developed, covering topics from linking transport & health, ITS, road safety and sustainable urban logistics planning to supporting and encouraging walking & cycling.

Have a look at the new edition and all publications at the Eltis portal!

Also, UBC member cities  and other cities in the region have been actively implementing SUMPs in the past years: Örebro, Gdynia, Tampere, Malmö, Vilnius and some more are also featured as good examples in the new edition.  We will actively continue working with promoting SUMPs and supporting cities in our region and beyond to use the concept as an effective tool to work with mobility in their cities.


Text: Esther Kreutz

Picture: UBC SCC