Marine litter campaigns in Baltic cities 2020

Marine litter is one of the most prominent challenges when it comes to the living and recreational coastal areas, be it coast of the Baltic Sea or shore of a lake or a river. Campaigns to address the problem of marine litter are a great way to bring attention to this issue, raise awareness of citizens and boost citizen involvement in the local sustainability actions. These campaigns can also benefit international cooperation through supporting transboundary organisations with local information and data.

We know that in our region there are many various events for cleaning coasts and shores. We would like to announce a campaign and promote cities with marine litter-related events taking place in 2020!

Does your city organise a campaign for tackling the marine litter issues? In UBC Sustainable Cities, we are enthusiastic to share the information about your initiative!

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We will help you in promoting your event through our communication channels so that more cities can learn about it and get involved, and interested citizens will become aware about the campaigns taking place in the Baltic Sea Region!


plastic bottle on the shore