Fossil-free contracts in Linköping municipality

Earlier this year, new guidelines were adopted by the board of urban planning to take an important step in Linköping towards the goal of being carbon neutral. By 2025, all vehicles used for construction and maintainance of infrastructure, maintenance of green areas, snow removal etc will run on fossil-free fuels.

The requirements are designed to increase in steps and will be included in all new tender documents and agreements. The requirements have been developed together with the municipally owned companies (technical supplier company, real estate companies) and in dialogue with the market. This joint approach increases the possibility to drive development towards lower carbon emissions.

The following requirements will apply to all vehicles in new contracts from 1st of January each year respectively:

  • 2022 - 50 percent,
  • 2023 - 75 percent,
  • 2025 - 100 percent.

Car on the fossil-free fuel.