CDP invites cities to join City-Business Climate Alliance

The City-Business Alliance is a joint initiative of C40 cities, CDP and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) designed to accelerate climate action through city-business collaboration. Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form before 20 January 2020 here. Download the guide for developing successful collaborations here

The City-Business Climate Alliance is a global two-tier network of cities and businesses designed to create systemic change through data-driven, joint climate action. On a local level, the initiative will implement a blueprint to create local city-business partnerships, and develop and scale transformative climate projects. On a global level, it will connect local partnerships to a network providing peer-to-peer support and opportunities to collaborate with climate-engaged global businesses for joint advocacy and action. CDP invites cities to take action and collaborate with the local businesses for joint climate work. Read below why and how your city should join the initiative. 

Benefits of joining the City-Business Climate Alliance:

Peer to peer support:

  • Platform for peer-to-peer exchange and best-practice sharing between CBCA cohort cities (+ observer cities)
  • Webinars, training sessions and workshops à this still needs to be developed but we welcome ideas from cities of how best to do this to share ideas

Specialist support:

  • Access to information, guidance and coaching to set up a city-business partnership for CBCA cohort cities
  • Technical expertise to identify suitable governance, engagement, M&E and financing models for local partnerships
  • Technical expertise from partners and companies at global level joining the Alliance
  • Subject to the availability of resources, support for the first phase of stakeholder convening at city level

Business engagement:

  • Support to cities in identifying and engaging business partners for new local partnerships
  • Platform for collaboration with global companies, curated by the CBCA – incl. developing business solutions and aggregating city demand to shift markets

Advocacy and communications:

  • Joint advocacy and showcasing of initiatives on the global stage, e.g. UNFCC - Aggregate city will and power to advocate for more local action from companies


Activities supported under the Alliance include:

  • Support the development of a two to three year plan to implement a sustainable city-business partnership through a data-driven framework - These will be worked on in 2020, but then implemented in 2021
  • Identify and map areas, sectors and sub-sectors where the city does not have direct control over the sources of emissions, or needs to strengthen resilience, and where collaboration with private sector stakeholders has greater potential to drive impact
  • Engage potential partners i.e. local business community groups
  • Provide technical expertise to:
  1. Develop a governance model and working principles at both strategy (political) and technical (operational) levels
  2. Design of modalities for collaboration, co-creation of projects and monitoring and evaluation
  3. Develop a financially sustainable model to ensure the partnership has long-lasting impact - this may include support in fundraising to ensure you have the necessary resource support locally
  • Create non-commercial spaces for companies to share ideas for local implementation
  • Explore how this can be resourced
  • Identify leading companies that have operations in your city boundary that are willing to co-create new solutions
  • Include existing city-business groups and see case by case how they can be involved and aligned with the wider group to ensure they get value add

The city will need to:

  • Identify stakeholders within the City’s administration and local business community
  • Be a liaison between city departments and alliance partners
  • Facilitate the collection of information
  • Provide feedback on methodology and deliverables

Companies will need to:

  • Committed to addressing climate change in line with the Paris Agreement
  • Encourage sustainable actions among their employees, supply chain and clients
  • Have their CEO contribute to CBCA activities


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