CASCADE about to publish it's mid-term review

CASCADE – Community Safety Action for Supporting Climate Adaptation and Development project is a unique, innovative project seeking to improve urban resilience in cities and towns, as well as the overall macro-regional resilience. CASCADE brings together civil protection specialists and climate change adaptation experts to jointly fight the impacts of climate change. CASCADE’s aim is to adapt existing risk assessment methodology to the climate change context and tailor it to the local level. This methodology will be used in a training course for city officials, responsible for civil protection. CASCADE also strives for initiating a region-wide policy dialogue on the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction as an effective platform for cross-sectorial cooperation between different levels of governance and for greater policy coherence on climate risk assessments.

The upcoming mid-term e-publication summarizes the findings and results of the project so far. It serves as an example of an innovative way to respond to the challenges related to climate change via a cross-sectorial approach. The e-publication will be published by the end of February. Stay tuned and read more about the project: