A call to organise Clean Beach events in your cities!

Cities of Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Turku have co-organised joint beach cleaning events in their cities for several years in late spring. The events are part of their Baltic Sea Challenge co-operation and the Clean Beach campaign. In 2017 Nordic Keep Archipelago Tidy Associations had their Nordic Cleanup Day during the same week and there was a joint Beach clean-up week in the beginning of May from through Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark all the way to Iceland, and from Gulf of Finland to Atlantic.

Now the Baltic Sea Challenge and Clean Beach campaign invite together with St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn all UBC member cities to organize their own beach cleaning events this May! There are practical instructions on how to organize an event, how to report the gathered litter and how to take the bird nesting into account on the Clean beach campaign website.

This year’s events around the Gulf of Finland will be organized mainy during the first week of May. More information can be found here.