Trainings and consultation

UBC Sustainable Cities Commission offers a variety of trainings and consultation services to cities. Our focus areas form the core of our training activities. As the cities in the Baltic Sea Region often face the same challenges, our approach is strongly based on learning from others. Our methods include peer reviews and transfer of good practices. We are always happy to provide you with tailor-made services!

What we offer for cities:

  • Integrated Management System training gives the participants basic abilities to apply and develop an integrated management system for sustainability and/or climate change response in their city
  • In the Stakeholder involvement training the participants will be trained to better involve citizens and stakeholder in their planning processes
  • Peer review training as a method for external evaluation in cooperation between cities, e. g. in climate work, urban mobility planning, and environmental management systems.
  • Consultation for developing a municipal strategy or plan on sustainable development, climate work or environmental protection
  • Consultation for project preparation to further develop the project idea or concept, ending with a project proposal
  • A tailor made training for your city’s’ own needs