International Cooperation

Wide network of partners in the region and beyond

Through being actively involved in European projects for almost 20 years, we have a wide network of partners in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe, even beyond. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission represents the member cities’ interests by supporting many regional or European-wide initiatives and organisations that aim for a more sustainable future.

In the Baltic Sea Region

We are strongly involved with the macro-regional work, namely the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Several our projects have gained the flagship status so far, namely, initiatives for effective water management IWAMA and PRESTO. Through those, UBC is a member of the Steering Committee of the Priority Area NUTRI; the Commission has also been involved in the flagship project BSR INNOSHIP. This way UBC works closely with both development and implementation of the EUSBSR. Furthermore, UBC is also involved in projects and activities linked to Horizontal Action Neighbours, Horizontal Action Sustainable and Horizontal Action Involve.

We work closely together with other pan-Baltic organisations. These include the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development – Baltic 21, with the Head of Secretariat Björn Grönholm as a member. We cooperate with the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) and the Baltic Development Forum (BDF).

In the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM Commission for the Protection of the Baltic Sea Marine Ecosystem), we are representing our members with an observer status.

In our work, European-wide initiatives, such as the Covenant of Mayors, can get regional implications like in the case of the Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club.

At the European level

Many European initiatives, campaigns and projects support local authorities in their quest for a more sustainable future. We are a part of many initiatives to represent UBC member cities on the European level.

Sustainable Cities Commission has launched a European Partnership for Integrated Sustainability Management within the CHAMP project in 2011. The partnership aims at promoting integrated sustainability management European-wide.

Established within the campaign, the Aalborg Charter and the Aalborg+10 commitments are clearly one of the most important tools in the sustainable development of cities in Europe. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is supporting the Aalborg+10 commitments.

Since 2010, UBC is a supporter for the Covenant of Mayors, the European climate commitment to curb the CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020. Sustainable Cities Commission is implementing this supporting role by coordinating a Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club for the 35 UBC member cities that have currently signed the Covenant of Mayors. The club facilitates exchange between cities and other stakeholders working with the CoM in the region to support the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans on local level.