The Advisory Board

To support its activities, strengthen cooperation with UBC member cities and better support them in their sustainable development, the UBC SCC has established an Advisory Board consisting of the three co-chairpersons, the head of the secretariat as well as currently 12 experts from our member cities. The role of the Advisory Board Members is to support the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission and the secretariat in its actions by bringing national and theme related expertise and recommendations in project related activities. This will be achieved, e.g., through support in finding important themes and topics for the Sustainable Cities e-bulletin and Bulletin and UBC Sustainable Cities Commission meetings, by proposing project themes and comment on urgent and policy related issues.

The current Advisory Board was elected in the UBC General Conference in Växjö, Sweden in 2017.

Members of the UBC SCC Advisory Board 2018-2019


Mr. Andres Jaadla (City of Rakvere). Theme: Smart City

Mr. Raimond Tamm (City of Tartu).                             


Ms. Saara Vauramo (City of Lahti). Theme: Climate Change

Ms. Sirpa Korte (City of Turku)

Mr. Olli-Pekka Mäki (City of Turku). Theme: Biodiversity/Environmental Protection


Mr. Steffen Nozon (City of Rostock)


Ms. Gunita Osite (City of Jelgava)

Ms. Dace Liepniece (City of Liepaja)


Ms. Dagmara Nagorka-Kmiezkiec (City of Gdańsk)

Mr. Dariusz Szwed (City of Slupsk)


Mr. Andreas Hedrén (City of Växjö). Theme: Water management

Ms. Ann Häger (City of Malmö). Theme: Circular Economy